Framebuilding Processes


Merlin uses only the finest titanium (Ti) available: USA Made 3/2.5 Seamless, Cold-Worked, Stress-Relieved Grade 9 Ti.


Every frame is handcrafted, and on custom orders made to customer's geometric specifications. With precision cuts, and exacting frame fixtures, every bike is perfecting set. Following the assembly, every tube is hand-filed and cleaned.


All frames are root (fusion) welded in a precision fixture, after which our highly-trained welders make a 6/4 titanium rod cap pass. With every Merline frame you are assured the most structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing welds.


Once the welding process is complete, every frame is aligned again to a 1.0mm standard. Each frame must also must pass our strict D.Q.C. process before entering the finishing, assuring only the straightest frames are delivered to customers.

If you have additional question, please feel free to contact us, thank you.